About Me

Hi, I’m Steffani!

A vegan Yooper with a love for living cruelty-free. I’m so glad you found my little spot on the massive internet.

  • I drink coffee until it’s time for a cocktail… well, until March when we found out we’re expecting our first child!
  • I’ve got an amazing husband, Doug, who owns a Gym and has done some crazy things, like run 30+ miles on snowshoes and finished a 50-mile run… 
  • Doug and I have one tradition only: to take tequila shots on important days and holidays.
  • I’m mom to 2 dogs and 2 cats, 1 betta fish, aunt to 4 furbabes, sister to 2… you get the idea. Our family is made of animal lovers.
  • I worked in animal rescue and believe all animals have rights and will always fight for them.. by the way, adopt a senior pet! #shamelessplug 
  • Music makes life colorful and at the worst times, tolerable. I very easily get lost in almost any song.
  • I’m the only vegan of my friends and family living in a hunting and fishing community.
  • I’m vegan for the animals, all the other advantages are a bonus.
  • I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone to find more adventure.

I’m blessed to say I grew up on the shores of Lake Superior and she still takes my breath away with her power and beauty. I’ve never known life without immediate access to the beach as my Great Grandfather purchased land on the shore and it’s been in our family since.

Over the years, I’ve done many things but have always had a passion for helping and working with animals. I’ve been a pet sitter, groomer and most rewarding, have worked at our local no-kill animal shelter UPAWS. I also recently launched a green, cruelty-free pet bandana line, The Blueberry Pug Pet Co, you can find here.

Me and one of my favorite shelter boys, Jack. Our favorite morning work partner <3

My blogging journey started in 2015 when I came across some blogger stories on Pinterest and it’s been a wild ride since then. Most importantly, it started a journey of finding an outlet to share ways to help fix the problems that keep me up at night: animal welfare and the health of our planet. 

The night of our rehearsal dinner, a beautiful evening!

I’m committed to teaching others the reality of an animals life when they’re used for our luxuries and just how easy (and delicious) living vegan can be!

my “siblings” Tula Bean and Brother Bear, Milo
Our oldest children, Dulee & Mogley. And me, 9 months pregnant

Here’s what you can expect from my site:

  • Super tasty vegan recipes and food and restaurant reviews from all over the place, specifically the Fresh Coast.
  • My favorite vegan, cruelty-free products for fashion, decor & beauty.
  • Everyday life learning to be a parent (Due November 2021!)
  • Everyday life living cruelty-free.
  • Finding joy in the small things and creating

I look forward to getting to know you and hope you’ll reach out to connect.