Gifts that give back | 30 brands making a difference

30+ Gifts that give back

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Gift giving is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the giftee, but also to charitable organizations making a difference. Here are over 30 gifts that give back!

Did you know, there are over 6.5 million homeless animals that enter shelters each year?  Or that there are more than 30,000 captive Lions, Tigers, Bears and Wolves that are living in peoples backyards, basements and garages in America alone?

Or that socks are the number one requested items in shelters?

How about that over 785 million people do not have access to drinking water?

Gifts that give back | 30 brands making a difference

Gift giving is an opportunity to make a difference in not only the lives of those receiving the gift, but also MANY other charitable causes making a difference in this world.

Often, people hear the word “intentional” and think that gift-giving is not intentional. That intentional means to not give a gift at all and to rather, enjoy the experience or company. Let me say this, those are wonderful gifts too. But, physical gifts that are given with good intention and not just for the sake of giving a wrapped gift can be extremely joyful and thoughtful.

I found some AMAZING companies that provide fantastic products while also helping people, animals, and the environment.

Brands giving back

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is a company that makes bracelets out of 100% recycled materials. For every product sold they pull one pound of trash from the oceans. Since 2017 they’ve pulled over 8 million pounds of trash from our oceans and coastlines! They also are part of 1% for the planet.

is good ol’ Amazon but with a charitable twist. .5% of every sale goes to the charity of your choice. Currently, I’m supporting Rancho Relaxo. I have also supported our local animal shelter so if there is a charity not on the list, reach out to them and have them apply for Amazon Smile!

Are you passionate about standing up for animals? Don’t forget to consider trying some Vegan meals. Here’s a list of my favorite vegan cookbooks with recipes anyone would love!

Earth Hero

is a one-stop-shop for just about anything eco-friendly. They also offer a recycling service where you can ship the items that you’re local city won’t recycle!

Pura Vida

is a jewelry shop that teams up with more than 800 artisans from Coasta Rica, El Salvador and India who can now count on the steady income from the bracelets. Through the years they’ve partnered with more than 175 charities around the world and donated $2.2 million.


is a shoe brand that is dedicated to creating a better tomorrow with each purchase helping local partners around the world. In 2019, they donated over 95 million pairs of shoes, provided 722,000 weeks worth of water to those in need and donated $6.5 million.


is a clothing company that donates a similar clothing item for each purchase to someone in need. They’ve donated over 32 million items and counting!

Azura Bay

provides eco-friendly, ethically made lingerie and loungewear and even alows the consumer to choose which organization they want their purchase to support: Because I am a Girl, World Wildlife Fund or Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Cause Box

is a seasonal subscription box full of ethically sourced items from leading socially conscious brands. Not only that, but they give back to many causes like planting 8,000 trees and spearheading a weekly summer beach clean up campaign.


is a laundry and dishwasher pod company that believes in replacing everyday products with more sustainable ones. They’ve partnered with Oceana to educate consumers of their impact and compose their packaging of 100 recyclable and compostable cardboard.

Grounds Hounds

is a coffee and goods company that donates 20 of profits to dog rescue initiatives. What’s better than coffee and pups?

Ivory Ella 

is a clothing and home company dedicated to helping elephants that are abused and victims of the ivory trade crisis. They donate 10% of profits to Save the Elephants – to date, they’ve given $1,682,500.

Alter Eco

is an organic and fairtrade certified chocolate company focused on full circle sustainability. In a joint effort with PUR Projet, They have been working with our cacao partner, Acopagro Coop, to replant and conserve a portion of the Peruvian Amazon.


donates fully-packed backpacks and partners with charities and schools to help with social injustices.


is a home linen and decor company creating products free of harmful chemicals or synthetics. They are partners with the United Nation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to send bed nets to those in need to prevent malaria.

Third Love

is a bra company devoted to making comfortable bras for women. They pair with several organizations and have donated over $20 million in bras!


is a clothing shop sourced from climate-neutral facilities and printed with eco-friendly, vegan ink. Each order place provides a donation to Project Aware to help clean up our oceans.

Changing Tides

is a shop that offers a wide array of upcycled and repurposed products and focuses on spreading kindness and conscious gifting. Every purchase supports an organization of the manufacturer’s choice.

United by Blue

is a clothing and lifestyle company that removes one pound of trash for every product. So far, they’ve removed 2,207,723 pounds of trash! The company uses sustainable materials and is committed to providing the highest standards for facilities and workers when it comes to partnering with factories.

Eco Vibe

is an apparel and home shop that considers how, who and what the items are made of. They support local designers and small manufacturers. They give to local environmental organizations and donate 1% of online sales to local 1% for the Planet members.


is a cruelty-free cosmetic and skincare company that offers handmade, vegetarian products. They focus on working with a lot of grass-root organizations through their Charity Pot program to help fight for animal welfare, human rights, and environmental conservation.


is a bath and body company that gives up the plastic bottles (#giveupthebottle) and compacts bath products to make them more eco-friendly. They donate 20% of profits to charities each year alongside ‘adopting’ animals in need to pay for their care. They create vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable solid shampoos, conditioners, face products and even pet products!

Avocado Mattress

is a natural 100% organic material mattresses and pillow company that donates 1% of revenue to 1% for the Planet and 90% of returned product is donated to nonprofits. This company is amazing and uses Fair Trade Certified cotton and FSC certified latex, not to mention is committed to sustainability and even offer a Vegan mattress!


is a biodegradable, bamboo toothbrush company. For every toothbrush purchased, they give one to a child in need. They also visit schools in the U.S. teaching kids about sustainability and green business and encourage them to do their part.


is a clothing and outdoor company whos mission is this: “We’re in business to save our home planet.” They are part of 1% for the Planet and have given over $89 million to charities. They also use a lot of fair trade certified and recycled materials in their products.

 Kit nip Box

is a monthly cat subscription box that comes full of toys and treats each month to keep your kitty happy and mentally stimulated. Every month, the organization donates a portion of proceeds and products to shelters, rescues and TNR efforts (trap, neuter, release).

 Bark Box 

is a themed monthly box of toys and treats for dogs. The company hopes to lower existing barriers to a dog-inclusive lifestyle, helping dogs and their families stay together by educating and volunteering.

 Sand Cloud

is a company making sustainable towels and clothing. 10% of profits go toward marine conservation and organizations like Marine Conservation Institute and Pacific Marine Mammel Center.

Charmed by a Cause

is a fine jewelry company that commits 20% of every purchase to a few different organizations: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Covenant House and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary


is an eco-friendly, vegan accessory shop that is committed to fair wages and conscious consumerism. The company was named after the Japanese meaning of conservation and 10% of all profits is donated to Mercy for Animals.

 Best friends Animal Society 

is a national animal welfare organization and sanctuary dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in shelters.#savethemall. They work with more than 3,000 animal welfare groups implementing lifesaving programs. Take a look at there shop or consider other ways to give here.

 Local Animal or non-profit shop

Consider visiting your local animal shelter or nonprofit and purchasing their branded items or sponsor an animal in need! Also, consider thrifting. This is a greener, often less expensive option and will help support the greater good.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is an organization committed to traveling across America and foreign countries t rescue wild animals that are suffering, rehabilitate them, then release them into large natural habitats. Shop their store or considering ‘adopting’ a lion or leopard.

Gifts that give back | 30 brands making a difference

Buying gifts that give back is just as easy and provides much more value and impact on the world around us!

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