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Mindful living 101 & why you should try it

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of a total lifestyle change, believe me, I hear that. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not as intimidating as it may sound.

We truly need more people doing things imperfectly than one person doing it perfectly. This is where the difference is made! We have fallen into a comfortable norm and tend to do things because “that’s how they’ve been done.” When really, we don’t need to do things like that anymore. We’re not in scarcity and there are other options for everything.

What is mindful living?

Mindful living is as easy as just thinking about what you’re buying and doing a little more than usual. It’s about living the life that you want, while also considering the impact of it. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Is this cruelty-free? Is it free from harming animals in the process?   
  2. Is this green? What is the impact on the environment and could I lessen it? Where does this product go when I’m done with it? (i.e. have you visited your local landfill?) How can I use less water to do this? Or less energy?
  3. Is this giving back in any way? Is the item your purchasing giving back to community?
  4. What is the impact this is having on my life? Will this help me reach goals? Will it cause happiness or stress? For example, is buying this item going to add clutter or joy?
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The life areas of mindful living

Honestly, any area of your life! It’s as simple as shifting your mindset to be a little more conscious of your lifestyle and the effect it has on not only your life, but the world around you.

  • Entertaining
  • Food
  • Home
  • Beauty
  • Parenthood
  • Pet ownership
  • Money
  • Health & Fitness

Why it matters:

There is a real disconnect happening to the animals around us. They’re living beings that love their family and want to live their life how they would naturally. They have emotions and instincts. We don’t need them anymore for food, shelter or clothes. We have cruelty-free options readily available to us every day.

“We were not given this world and it’s resources from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our grandchildren”

We need to consider leaving this world better than how we got it. There is only one earth and again, we have many alternatives to everyday living that are more eco-friendly.

While individual giving is amazing, the businesses are where we can make an even bigger impact! They likely have more access to certain resources to make a larger community, and even global, impact.

One more thing… Do this for you! Be mindful about what you’re putting in your body, what chemicals you’re using in your house, what things are around you, your family and your pets?

Let me know in the comments what you’re working on!

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