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Nordic, Minimalist Inspired Moodboard

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nordic, interior design, home makeover, color scheme, mood board, grey, peach, blueConfession: I have a slight obsession with Nordic interiors, plants and copper.

It’s been 5 years since we bought our home; a small fixer upper with a fenced in yard. I remember thinking how adorable it was and had no problem looking past the work required to turn it into ours. We haven’t done much but paint since we moved in and it’s getting to the point now that we really need to make some changes. First of all, it does not reflect our style. We have been working on becoming minimalists and love the idea of a tiny home that is beautiful and functional. Well, we have the tiny home part down 👌🏻 now we just need to transform the space into what we need it to be. 

Our home needs to be: peaceful, calm and conducive to being productive. We need space for our 6 pets to play, sleep and eat. It needs to function as my workplace, a yoga studio and DIY shop.

Here’s what I’m thinking:


We’ll use Benjamin Moore colors in their Natura paint. This paint line is no-VOC which means it is healthier for our family and furbabies. Check out this post I did on choosing a safe paint for your home. Here are my inspo colors:  


Iron Mountain // Hamilton Blue // Nightingale // Cloud Cover // Light Salmon // Peach Parfait

Mango Wood Planter

 I absolutely love browsing Bambeco’s site. They have beautiful home decor and gifts that are made sustainbably. There is nothing more peaceful than some natural wood 💆🏻 and this Mango Wood Planter is pure eye candy! 

Rain drop glass terrarium:

I adore rain drop hangers. I have a good handful of these already so I just pulled this one off of Bambeco’s webiste. This is a perfect way of bringing your eye up in a room without adding any visual weight.


OK, copper everything 👌🏻 amiright? Dougie and I fell in love with copper a couple years ago and there’s no turning back. This is an image I pulled from Target’s website. I plan to find other copper options that are more sustainably made and will update this post as I do!

Wooden bead garland 

I have recently fallen in love with wooden bead garland. I found these beauts on Etsy on AllieBCreationsShop. By the way, how amazing is her product photo?! 

Black and white geometric wall art: 

You can’t go wrong with black and white. It brings in such a clean, crisp feeling to any room. This combo mixed with natural wood… so swoonworthy 🙌🏻 This wall art was another Etsy find by SisiAndSeb

Cactus wall art:

Because, how could I not? I already have a cactus canvas that is similar to this I’ll be using, but this beautiful piece can be found on Etsy from CactusFlowerPrints shop. 


I’ve got existing lamps like this with a little different color variation that should still work with the color scheme. I’m loving these clean lines that again, keep the room visually light. This lamp is from Bambeco.

Hope this leaves you inspired! Before I can get to the fun part of decorating and DIYing I need to do a drastic cleanout. Check out my progress on the living room here, and the office here!

Planning our home makover: Nordic Minimalist

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